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Peter Pan, Cosby, Crocodiles, and Racism ... Ten Things of Thankful Returns

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Okay, so I've been away for a couple of weeks.

I know, you never missed me.

Work obligations, physical malady, and mental conflict were the reasons, just in case you were wondering.

Yeah, I'm going for the multiple reasons here.  No need to be selfish.

End of month work obligations are always a pressure nightmare.  Last month, there seemed to be no answers, regardless of how much effort was made.  

I've developed bone spurs in my shoulder.  These created an inflammation of muscles between the shoulder and neck, which would have made a masochistic individual filled with glee.

The mental conflict?  This one's going to get you.

After all my writings to end racism and put the blame for the Ferguson incident where it belonged, I was called a word that really bothered me.  A person that proclaims himself to be a liberal called me a "racist".  

See, I wasn't aware that today's society looks at the word "thugs" as strictly being black.

(Talk about racism!  Claiming a word to be only for one race is so indicative 
of that in itself!  Some people, who need to check out world history,
have been listening to too much rap music for their educational needs.
It's time to look at life with an open mind instead of a closed one!)  

I grew up with stories of the thugs of the thirties (Bonnie & Clyde, Machine Gun Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd, etc.).  The movies of the fifties, as well as television programming, called anyone that didn't respect the rights of others and used violence to get what they wanted a "thug".  Most of the time, they were members of a major gang that worked for a notorious leader.
Thugs ("thugees") in action.

I surmise (whether right or wrong), that "thug" is a derivative of "Thugee".  The "Thugees" were a group that traveled throughout India for six centuries.  They would gain the trust of other travelers and then use their own special technique of strangling them while they slept.  Finally, when that deed was done, they would rob them and move on.

One might see the correlation if they would open their eyes, instead of wearing blinders and looking for someone to label.

The old expression "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" had to be recalled many times in the last week.  Memories of arguing with my father about the rights all men deserved, marching for civil rights in Klan filled Indianapolis in the early 70's, and all the relationships and "best friends" I've acquired over the years, and to this day, that just happened to be black, Hispanic, and other, didn't give credence to the proclamation of racism made.  The accusation just didn't stand up.

So, I had to sit back and analyze the situation after eliminating the anger emotions brought.

  • Are there people in the world that are so blind with hatred that they're simply looking for someone to label?  
  • Are they so consumed by their emotions that they refuse to see facts and only look for excuses?  
  • Have they completely foregone the concept of common sense and look to put themselves on a pedestal to sate their self righteous ego of being right?

Unfortunately, I came up with "Yes" as an answer.

FBI Report / Press Release
(May 12, 2014)
The FBI released a report on May 12th of this year.  It stated that in 2013, only 27 police officers were felonious killed in the line of duty.

Only 27.

Seven were killed in ambushes, five answering disturbance calls, and five in tactical situations.  Three more were killed investigating suspicious circumstances, three during routine traffic stops, and three more responding to robberies in progress.  And the leftover officer was killed as a result of investigative activity.

How many people that perform your career choice were killed doing their jobs last year?

We are seeing protests of police killing citizens.  Shootings, strangulation's, and other violent forms of enforcement are becoming more and more the norm.  The violence demonstrated against society is becoming the norm of those that enforce the laws against such said violence.

Only 27.

Oh, and last year's "officers dead" report was positive in that it showed a drop from the 44 killed in 2012.  Perhaps the violence and lack of tolerance the police are exhibiting is having a result.  Sad, but true.

Maybe running from the police and fighting with the police isn't a good idea.  
Thugs: (clockwise) Bonnie & Clyde, John Dillinger,
Machine Gun Kelly, & Pretty Boy Floyd.

Now, I don't personally care for the police.  I will admit to calling them "pigs" many times in my youth.  Long hair immediately brought their attention to you in the early 70's.  We were profiled as drug users, activists, and trouble makers.  Looking back, that description was fairly accurate even though we didn't care for it at the time.

Late in my military time, I became a member of the ship's Master At Arms force and wore a badge.  I considered it a good way to play the game and get to do things others (with reputations) couldn't get away with.  It worked!  Still, there was a time or two I was put into situations that forced me to perform in a manner my obligations required, instead of how I truly believed inside.  The badge just wasn't for me!

In the 80's, I had another shock.  It took a long time for me to get over the fact that a friend had joined the police force in a small Alabama town.  To see him in his uniform, gun dangling at his side, seemed somewhat hypocritical as he was one of the most devout Christians I'd ever known.  Butch looked at it as a way to help people in need ... not to bully.  Still, I saw the strain of the pressures an officer goes  through have a negative affect on his attitude and mannerisms.

Are there police officers that go too far?  Of course there are.  These should be prosecuted as they've forgotten the laws they are sworn to enforce.  There are also those that simply freak out when a situation gets out of hand.  They should seek other employment.

Have the police ever got it right?
This cartoon from 1898 doesn't seem like it.
There are good cops and bad cops.  Generally, they're are late to the scene of crimes, accept some crimes as "Oh, they happen this time of the year" and come on strong because they feel that's the only way people will listen to them.  Some even use the badge to get back at others as they themselves were picked on by bullies in school. That's why one should be smart enough not to do anything rash when dealing with them.  That's common sense.

Sad thing is, we live in a society where people are beginning to think illegal activity is acceptable, and law enforcement isn't.  We have people going back in time looking at many of the Old West lawmakers as being criminals, instead of law enforcers.  Hard times require hard individuals.  They got the job done regardless.  Standards have to be recognized as this is not a perfect world, but one filled with violence and disrespect for the law and those whose job it is to enforce it..

"Thugs" are as I described above.  They can be any color ... it doesn't matter.  If you can't live by the rules society lays down, then you are going to die sooner or later, either by someone on the street that is meaner and smarter than you, or by a police officer attempting to enforce the laws society dictates.  

Yeah, we're coming to the days of Judge Dredd, as police officers are beginning to realize that even though it may be honorable to die in the line of duty, it's still dying.  That is something they're planning on avoiding at any cost.  Be wary.

Only 27.

Now the question that's being asked so frequently, "Did he deserve to die?"  My answer is , "Possibly not, but I don't know.  I wasn't there to witness it.  Were you?"  

Unless one is present at the actual event, one cannot say if the suspect warranted fatal reprimand. (And, it's amazing how many false witnesses show up to an event that has drawn publicity attempting to throw the weight to their side of the issue.) 

It's Survival Of The Fittest In The Streets.
We are not animals, but acting from emotions, 
instead of fact, makes us no better than them.
When did the ability to reason leave society?
I, personally, don't feel as though anyone deserves to die without first being tried in a court of law.  However, events take place that require immediate decision making.  To the thugs and to the police, the streets are under the "survival of the fittest" law.  It's simply a matter of who walks away afterwards.

So, when I say I hold no sorrow for a thug of any color that dies while breaking the law, I'm not being cruel or racist, I'm simply saying that you brought your death upon yourself.  If your parents didn't teach you how to be an honest, working member of society and you feel theft, intimidation, and violence are the answer, then violence may indeed be your fate.  Not in the way you intended, but in the way society has mandated.

Ending the evil starts at home with proper teaching or right and wrong concepts.

That is not a liberal or conservative opinion that is narrowed by the blinders some wear.  It is not a racist opinion to be labeled as some feel the need to tag.  It is simply a fact of life.  It has been for centuries, and will be for centuries yet to come as long as we have those that break the law and those that enforce the law.  The only differences now are that since so few know and respect the difference between right and wrong, the masses will protest, and you're sure to have every act broadcasted as the television news agencies love sensationalizing any story that will draw ratings.  Yes, we are living in a dismal time where society continues to blame others instead of looking at themselves for the answers!

If Charles Manson and group were tried today, there would be protests 
because Manson came from a drug using, single parent home.  
We're becoming a society of excuse makers and blame shifters.

Remember, justice would never be questioned if someone didn't break the law.  And, if you live in a high crime area, be aware the police are more apt to be paranoid, as they are doing everything they can to lower their chance of becoming one of those labeled "killed in the line of duty".  Wouldn't you?

Racist?  Me?

Take Off Your Blinders And See All Around!
No, I hate to disappoint my accuser, but that label just doesn't fit.  I'm just one that doesn't wear blinders and looks at all people as members of only one race, the human race.  One that sees the world for what it is instead of what one's fantasies envision it to be.  A person that sees through the name calling and label tagging that is done by the ignorant, or fantasy envisioned.  Not perfect, but not blind to reality.  Able to look at all sides of an argument without preconceived judgments and allow facts to shine and emotions to stay where they belong.  

Grow up, children.  As long as division is the goal and labels are tossed around, working together as one force can never occur.  Communication, compromise, and understanding will work wonders if you will give it a try.  

Isn't that why we, 
as members of the HUMAN RACE, 
have a brain?

Now that my "rant" (I prefer to think of them as "clearing the air of El Toro defecation".) is done, let's take a look at the things I am thankful of this week.

(*I know, I get more and more long winded.  I'm just testing your stamina.  
Careful, I'll warn you in advance, there may be a test at the end of class!)

This week, I'm thankful for:

1)  O-Bam-Bam-A-Care.  Look out children, there's a 5% increase in premiums coming next year!  Nothing like "affordable" health care becoming even less affordable, is there?  What the hell, his term is on the downhill.  So what if you can't afford a doctor.  He doesn't need your vote next time anyway!

Bill Cosby.  (Since it seems to be
the thing to show pictures of
the accused in a younger,
more innocent setting, here's one
of Bill from 1969.  Now, is that
the jacket of a rapist, or
is that the jacket of a rapist?)
2)  Bill Cosby.  Remember the first Cosby show in the late 60's or the cartoons of the Cosby Kids?  How about episodes of I Spy?  If you're not that old do you remember the Cosby Show of the 80's?  Now, are you ready for the Cosby Porn series?

Bill is now being accused of bringing women home, giving them a mickey, and then raping them.  Seems he did it to about a million or so women, or so they claim.

I'm so tired of today's vigilante justice mentality of "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" that I could regurgitate Jello.  Suddenly, all these women are proclaiming they were drugged and raped.  Did he?  Who knows?  (I wasn't there, were you?)   If so, let the courts bring him to justice.  (I bet you won't see Cosby being shot if the police arrest him.  Any takers?)

3)  Charles Barkley.  I wonder if Charles has been reading my blog.  He said, almost word for word, what I've been saying since the Ferguson rioting started.  I've never liked his basketball analysis, but perhaps he's not as dumb as previously thought.  Then again, he did go to Auburn University.  (I had to say that as my wife is a die hard Alabama fan.)

4)  Crocodile Kills Ball Retriever.  In Johannesburg, South Africa, a man was killed while retrieving golf balls.  Wading in waist high water, a crocodile grabbed him and decided to take him bye bye.  (Another example of not thinking by being in croc infested waters t begin with! Aren't human beings wonderful!)  The body was later found with only teeth marks on it and no mutilation.  (Guess he tasted as bad as he putted.)
Sailors are known for this stuff.  Aboard a ship,
there is no girlfriend to visit at the end of the day.
Doesn't the Navy realize you get what
you advertise you want.  It's that simple!

5)  Unfit Sailor Behavior.  Three female officers aboard a U.S. Navy submarine found themselves on film.  Problem was, the films displayed them as they were taking showers.  The Navy is filing the incident under "violations of privacy" policies, while the women want it to be filed under the more serious "sexual" policies.  (Makes one wonder what they were actually doing in the shower, doesn't it.)  

Let's be real. At one time in history, it was said the Navy cooks added saltpeter to keep sailors from getting erections while at sea.  Put a group of men on a sub for six months and you're going to have something like this happen, if not worse.  It was bad enough being at sea and not having a female around. But, to increase temptation by putting women aboard a ship filled with horny sailors that haven't seen their girlfriends or wives for months is going beyond the human ability to tolerate and restrain!  Being in the battlefield is one thing, but being confined inside a sub for six months is another.  (Come on, Navy, stop the torture!  If the Department of Defense and Pentagon wasn't led by those that required Viagra to get it up, they'd have seen this coming long in advance!)

6)  Kia Rio, Jeep Compass & Nissan Versa.  Americans bought these cars by the thousands hoping to save money on gas and have a dependable ride.  They've now listed these three at the top of the "Least Liked" cars sold.  Make up your mind, America!  You get what you pay for, and with those selections, you don't get much.  Then again, Americans tend to live in a fantasy world in many areas.  (Cars purchased is just another area of stupidity they'd rather blame on the manufacturers than their own common sense, or lack thereof.  Duhhhhhh!)
Hell yes I was a party girl!  Where's the
party?  Why, up on the roof, of course!
And, "Yes", they are real!

7)  Jenna Bush Hager admits to playing around.  The daughter of George W. Bush admits to playing around (kissing) with her boyfriend atop the White House roof while her father was in office.  (Guess she figured since dad was screwing around at trying to be a President, she could screw around, too!)  With all the security cameras around, I'm sure the Secret Service got an eyeful.  (I'm betting her videos will come out about the same time as Cosby releases his X-Rated series.)

8)  Peter Pan LIve.  Hate viewers filled the Internet Thursday evening after viewing this show.  Many admit to being bored, hating the off key singing, and poor acting as their reasons to speak.  Others wondered why it wasn't on earlier for the kids to watch.  

Folks, this was "PETER PAN", not "CATS!"  You have a girl playing the main role of Peter (That just seems wrong.  You don't mention a girl and peter in the same sentence unless you're reviewing a porn film.), a man with a heavy Queens accent playing Captain Hook (Like all pirates were from New York City!  Pittsburgh is pissed!), and stoned stage crew members operating the wires.  What the hell did you expect for free?  By the way, there's a little thing on your remote that will change the channel, or haven't you learned that, yet?  (You should've watched the basketball game on ESPN.  TCU played their hearts out!)

9)  Jake Owen.  Country star Jake Owen cut off his long locks the other day.  (God, this is news?  That and $4.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Hurry, the prices may be going up!)

What do you mean we don't get a check?
You promised!
10)  Nazis On Social Security
 Yes, our government has been paying Nazis Social Security benefits.  It seems as though they offered them to bribe the Nazis to leave the country, and have been paying them for years.  They have finally voted in Congress to take away these benefits.

So, let me get this straight.  War criminals were paid Social Security benefits by our government to leave the country.  Why the hell didn't we just prosecute them?  Is it that it costs more to keep a person in jail than they'd receive in SS benefits?  Or, are we just a weak ass country that is afraid to open old wounds and bring them to justice?  

I know, let's use them as live dummies at the police academies throughout the United States.  That way, improper techniques used in detaining suspects can be fully explained by live (or dead) examples!  (There are things in our world that just don't make any sense.  Remember, these are the people representing you in government office!  Kind of makes you all warm inside, doesn't it?)

.     .     .     .    .   .   .   .

Well, if you stuck with me all the way through this one, I congratulate you.  I recognize it was way too long for many, but your patience will pay off.  How?  Well, you've done so well I decided that you didn't need to take a test, as I warned about above!

See, aren't you the lucky one?



  1. Oh my,

    I did make it all the way to the end. Good thing there was no test I am too tired.

    As someone who recently in the last five years, has removed the blinders. Yes people where blinders. They protect their blinders at all costs. HUman lives included. Odd that thugs would be what caused that person to call you racist. I don't think of one race to depict Thugs. I never would have made that connection. Interesting that someone did. We, as people, don't realize how much we project our thoughts and feelings on to others.

    1. Erin - Sorry for the novel, but really glad you commented. I'm getting a lot of views on this one, but I'm finding that people are afraid to comment. (either that or they're falling asleep during reading, lol)

      I'm beginning to find just how many people are close minded concerning the police / criminal actions that have taken place. I see both sides of the story, as I've been on both sides in real life. Profiled as a long hair, pulled over needlessly because of long hair, physically attacked for protesting for civil rights when young, and having to handle military personnel that either didn't want to be put in the brig after breaking military law, and decided fighting was the answer to stay out.

      When being profiled, my inner feelings were, "Damn, why won't they leave me alone?" When attempting to do my job, they were, "Damn, don't fight it because I don't want to have to get physical."

      I'm well aware that profiling takes place in our police state society. It is wrong and needs to stop. However, I look at the recent instances that have spurred protests and see criminals, that have broken the law, fighting the police. No one deserves to die, but the criminals begin to limit police options when they fight back. No police officer is going to let a criminal walk after physically being attacked by them. And, to deny that emotions enter the picture as such an attack is happening is completely ignorant.

      Bonnie & Clyde were ambushed and killed. Pretty Boy Floyd died in a hail of bullets. Others in the thirties that used violence as a lifestyle ended up with their bullet riddled bodies being put on display for the crowds to view. Those were times when right and wrong were taught to children.

      Nowadays, movies, music and articles depict the lifestyle of a gang member (all colors) being one of violence, togetherness, and big dollars. We've accepted crime to the point that drive by shootings are no longer broadcast as new. Murders happen everyday, robberies are only follow ups for police to write up reports with minimal information, and retail store employees are physically attacked doing their jobs. Respect for the law, teaching right from wrong, and efforts to change one's lifestyle for the better are minimal.

      Now, the police have gotten tougher as their jobs are getting tougher. They are sworn to uphold the law, and are put into gun sights doing so. A percentage of their group believe in going overboard in their battle. They need to be reprimanded for doing so. Still, people have to look at the entire situation instead of simply calling every instance "Police Brutality." Otherwise, we're going to find the police throwing up their arms and giving up the battle. That's when the thugs rule, victims are forgotten, and crime is listed at the Employment Office as a legal occupation. Many Thanks!

  2. As the wife of a retired submariner #5 is exactly why I have always been 100% against females in the Navy, period. They serve no purpose (in the Navy) except to take up shore billets keeping the men at sea for much longer rotations. When they are on ships and boats this sort of crap goes on, and worse. And the females are usually just as much to blame for the shenanigans. Not always, but often enough. If these three females had not pushed their way into sub duty they would not have been treated so badly and worse, the crew members that violated their rights would not have been driven to the depths of their poor decisions. The Navy, submarines in particular, has no room for females.

    1. Pattie - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting today! I couldn't agree more. I'm not saying that taking videos was the right thing to do, only that it was to be expected when you put men and women together under such circumstances. There are always those that will test the limits, go beyond right and wrong, and see what they can get away with, in both sexes. I hadn't considered the end result as far as Sea/Shore rotation, but that makes perfectly good sense, too. Rules, that try to restrict the temptations of human nature, will tend to be broken. Now, in today's PC society, it doesn't take much to prove the "I" concept, whether it be "I want/ I deserve, I need / I'm offended" doesn't always work in a military situation. Women can do the jobs of men there, I'm sure. The tight quarters just make for things like this, and worse, to occur. Many Thanks!

  3. It is maddening to be falsely accused. I'm sorry that happened to you.

    I think it would take me a week to formulate a more thorough response to this post, but I appreciate the chance to read your thoughts. I agree that many people don't seem to understand the importance of responsibility.

    1. Kristi - I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting. It's unbelievable the number of views this has received with no comments being made.

      Thank you for your understanding. The accusation drove me crazy and stayed with me ... well, it's still with me. The individual and I did text back and forth and he has now "friended" me again once he understood what I was saying and how limited definitions could create misunderstanding. Yet, I'm still bothered by it.

      I see so many only looking at what's happening, instead of what caused it. Society has been going this direction for years. I've written about it over and over and it's finally rearing it's ugly head. Labeling oneself as a liberal or conservative only stops one from being able to see clearly. There are no rose colored glasses when viewing reality, and labels only tend to change colors. In my life, I've seen the Blacks profiled, as well as Italians, Russians, Haitians, Cubans, Hispanics, and Mid Easterners. One only has to pick up a history book to see discrimination has always been a part of society, regardless if it be color, religion, or sex. It is wrong, there is no doubt, but it happens daily. Criminals are criminals, it doesn't matter the color. Those that abide by the law need not suffer because of those that do not. But, those that allow criminals to be looked at as acceptable members of society cannot see what they are doing for the long run. If the police are restricted from protecting the law abiding, then they will simply stop, and become the street sweepers that only clean up after crimes take place. We will be left to protect ourselves, which will only bring about more innocents being killed. Of course, then the crowds will proclaim that the police ignore their cries for protection.

      Teaching the concepts of "right and wrong" in the home are necessary for society to survive. They have been somewhat ignored and we can easily view what this has brought. Our prisons are bursting at the seams, crimes are taking place much more often than every before, and violence against the innocent is no longer looked at as newsworthy events. Where are the protests against gangs, thieves and murderers? They aren't there. But, the masses are quick to gather when a chance of "police brutality" is present. It really makes little sense.

      We watch our leaders grow rich from special interest money, entertainment and sports figures make more money than those who govern us from the highest position, and gangs flaunt their profits and cash rolls, and we accept it. Cities destroy homeless camps and limit funding to feed the poor. National healthcare is too expensive for many, but it is treated as a criminal act if you don't have it, or some type of insurance. Food prices have soared to the point that many families can't buy the proper diet items to keep them healthy. We are killing our planet through pollution and the stripping of the rain forests, and global warming (once proclaimed a farce) is raising water levels on the coasts more and more. Yet, in the midst of all our maladies, we protest the rights of criminals.

      And, we are supposed to be them most intelligent species. Funny thing is, we're the only species that believes that.

      Many Thanks!

  4. Dangit bro, I was kind of psyched about failing your test!

    I like your rambles, I DEFINITELY like your brain, and I like that you CARE.

    I see your point about the sub.

    And crocs shove their prey under a log and leave it to decay for a while so they can tear lumps off it easily - there wouldn't have been any mutilation.

    1. Hey Sis, Good of you to stop in! I'll have to come up with a test, even though it would make the blog post even longer. I'm sure everyone would appreciate that. lol

      Sometimes I feel as though I'm preaching, which is exactly what I don't want to sound like. Still, the idiocy that surrounds us anymore is so frustrating to experience. So, I just try to cover a topic from all angles to make sure all bases are covered. Occasionally, that takes a while.

      Didn't know that crocs and gators had different eating habits. Gators usually shred their food immediately. Thanks, I've learned something! :)

      Many thanks!