Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just Once ... Let There Be One Night Of Legal Purging! Vengeance Is Thine! (Or how to cut the balls off a thug and ruin his prison sex life)

As many of you know, my wife and a co-worker of hers were the victims of a senseless attack last Saturday night.

That's the reason the comments many of you were so kind to leave on last week's post are still unanswered.

Physically, my wife is okay.  Mentally, the questions still remain.

That's beyond her standard mental deficiencies of course! 
 (Okay, so I had to make one joke.  
I can't help myself at times.)

The attack came after a shoplifter, after wandering around the pharmacy several times, had picked up a bottle of vodka and put it in his pocket.  The co-worker then asked to see his I.D., since he seemed to look way too young to legally purchase the item.  He slammed the bottle on the counter and started in with the screaming accusation crap that so many uneducated people partake of when they're caught in the act of a wrong doing.

My wife told him, "You just need to leave."

The 15-16 year old punk lashed out at her face with a fist, knocking off her glasses and grazing her nose.  He struck a second time and hit her hard in the right clavicle, knocking her backwards into the counter racks behind the register.  

It was at that point the co-worker started out from behind the counter and the punk strutted out the exit.  Unfortunately, the co-worker was unaware that the punk was standing just outside the door.  A bottle of Nyquill was smashed into the co-worker's face, breaking his glasses and sending glass into both the skin surrounding the eye and the eye as well.  The punk then took off in the company of two girls, one wearing a pink top (according to on scene witnesses)

A description of the youth:  young, black male, 15-16 years old in appearance, head bandana, black tank top and baggy and ripped black jeans.  Sad that it sounds, so stereotypical, isn't it?

When my wife told me about the occurrence she was still in shock.  A shock that allowed for her to create a denial.  However, as the days have passed, that denial has been replaced with anger and rage.  She'll heal ... slowly.  

I just don't know if I will, or even want to!

Immediately after being told of the event, my mind went to all the training I had in the military.  There are multiple ways to kill a person.  Believe me, there were very few that haven't passed through my mind since that night.

No, I'm not going to describe them.  I don't want to gross you out.  Let's just say that there are those that deserve to live and those that don't.  A man that uses brute force on an innocent woman only deserves to get what he demonstrates ... no mercy.

I really don't care if this thug had a messed up childhood.  Nor, do I care if he had parents that needed anger management classes and he's only exhibiting what he experienced at home.  I don't even care if he just lost his dog.

No, this is a person that society has honed.  He's selfish, thinks only of himself, respects the rights of no other human being, and believes that anything is okay as long as he gets away with it.  He believes he's tougher than anyone else and is dying to prove it.

I'm ready to give him his chance.

Should I be thankful to this person for any reason?  I've been told to be thankful that he didn't use a knife or gun that night.  I've also been told to be thankful that we have a police department that will get him in the end.  I don't believe that as they've proven themselves totally ineffective in a couple of other situations we've experienced over the years.

I guess I should be thankful that I wasn't present the other night.  It probably stopped some ignorant mother from pleading with authorities how her son didn't deserve to die and how he'd always been such an angel.  It probably stopped all of the minority leaders from having to visit our fair city and preach about how terrible it is that a fine young man's future is no longer a possibility as he was unfairly taken early in life.  It may have even stopped some riots from occurring.

But, in analyzing myself, I don't hate this individual because of his color.  In fact, color has nothing to do with it.  If it did, there would be no way I could talk to many of my co-workers, receive their empathy and understanding, and remain good friends.  This was a thug ... a dumb punk that picked on a 58 year old woman that needed to have his ass kicked regardless of his color because of his actions.  It's called attitude readjustment time ... when my attitude gets better by readjusting his face and body bone structure.  Its a time when the beast within me arises and slashes out to end the possibilities of future victims going through what my wife is going through.  It's a time for justice to forget the courts and the leniency they provide and do what seems to be most effective ... give a permanent lesson!

No, I will probably never get the chance to do as I wish with this person.  I would run for the chance, but I might be running forever.  However, sooner or later, if this person continues in the manner they've shown, someone will demonstrate what being a punk thug is all about ... dying.

It will be one funeral I won't cry at.  

Purge ... anyone?

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