Monday, April 14, 2014

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: The Last Dance



They say it's done, at least for now.

She's tired, stressed, wrinkled brow.

Twisted sometimes, sane with rum,

Some sang loud, for some a hum.

But can we truly say goodbye?

Gloria Gaynor answers way up high.

GLORIA GAYNOR - "Never Can Say Goodbye"

But if it's true and goodbye we sing,

In which manner do we make it ring?

This way or that, so many ways,

Train offers fifty, find one that stays.

TRAIN - "50 Ways To Say Goodbye"

The beauty of the music lingers,

like the beach's sand on dampened fingers.

No matter how hard we shake our hands,

Some grains travel with us to distant lands.

SEALS & CROFTS  -  "We May Never Pass This Way Again"

Don McLean once sang how the music died,

at times it may seem so in the world we reside.

Yet, when one peers deeply into the night,

music, like a candle, flickers bright.

ELTON JOHN  -  "Candle In The Wind"

Realization hits, emotions flare,

The time is close, does anyone care?

Ciao, Goodbye, I bid you adieu,

 Sad farewells, Dylan's words are true.

BOB DYLAN  -  "It's All Over Now Baby Blue"

So, has it died, these tunes we've shared,

the new, the old, even some duets prepared?

Is silence now our only friend?

Has the time arrived, the empty end?

The DOORS  -  "The End"

It has to change, we'd never survive,

without the music, no one's alive.

Only temporary, it's got to be,

The future has music, for you and me!

CHRIS REA  -  "Fool If You Think It's Over"



  1. Wonderfully fun post! A great finish!

    1. Melissa, glad you enjoyed it! It's the only way I could end it. :) Many Thanks!

  2. I was waiting to see if anyone would use Chris Rea because I love that song but I've had it in 2 mixes already and didn't want to overuse him. ;) Yet, I adore his voice and that song, the message of just when you think the door is closed, it's not.

    Train, Elton, Seals & Croft...I loved this list, loved listening to it.

    1. Kirsten - Really good of you to drop by. I first fell in love with Chris' song when I left the military and heard it playing on the radio for the first time. It was almost haunting, yet I loved it. I, too, have used it a couple of times here, but thought this was the most fitting. Many Thanks!

  3. Great poem, Rich. And such a wonderful variety of songs.

    1. Hey, Cyn, good to see you again! Glad you liked this "different" side of me, as well as the songs presented. Many Thanks!

  4. Aw Rich, wow, I feel so loved and appreciated. Frankly I just didn't think...well I don't know what I thought. You know better than anyone how much I needed to do this. But now it feels so sad.
    Your Ditty is so beautiful I wish I could frame it, I will bookmark it, and share it and "tell everyone this is my song" cause it is. And I am beyond humbled.
    And no worries, we'll be back for a once a month version in the fall, maybe everyone will be able to play then...
    Also, I pick Got run over by a crappy purple Scion.

    1. Jen, I thought you'd enjoy this a little bit more than my standard fare. It was written with you and all you've created in mind, for sure. You're feeling like me right now, sad it's over but looking towards the future. Take a well deserved rest. The ride is just beginning, my friend. :) Enjoy!

  5. Loved your poem - and that you posted Elton... Best - Louise

    1. Louise - Really good to see you again! I don't write poetry often (obviously), but this one seemed to come rather easily. Elton ... well, it seemed so fitting for the moment. Happy you liked it all. Many Thanks!