Friday, January 31, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful: Super Bowl, Grammy's, and the Outhouse!

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It's Super Bowl Weekend!!!


This is the one weekend of the year where the lovers of pro football proclaim to have an excuse to get loud, rowdy, and ridiculous, and those that hate pro football can do as they always do ... "bitch, bitch, bitch!"

As with all Super Bowls, there is controversy preceding game day.  Already, Scarlett Johansson has been forced to eliminate her words "Coke" and "Pepsi" from an ad that will air during the game.  I'm happy to hear that.  Now, I can have plenty of time to prepare the grandchildren to avoid those nasty words by covering their ears just in case some fan utters them during a quick shot cutaway!

What do you want to bet both 
Coke and Pepsi will have ads 
airing during the day?

There is also a group of individuals in New York City that were arrested because of their planned activities on that fateful day.  Seems as though they were selling cocaine and sex packages to clients who wanted to have an excuse to get a little more than the stadium had to offer.  

Can't you envision some 400 lb. businessman from Nebraska doing a New York hooker doggy style yelling, "Omaha!  Omaha!"   
(Sorry, that vision belongs on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!)

There's also been much made of the fact that both Colorado and Washington are the two states in the union that have legalized the usage of marijuana, and are the two states that have Super Bowl contenders.  This ought to make the game interesting!

"Hey dude, what play did he just call?"

"Damned if I know.  But don't worry about it, he's stoned, too!  If you screw up and he starts to give you any crap, just tell him that he forgot the play and pass him the joint.   It's all cool!"

"But, I'm almost out, dude! My jockstrap can only hold so much!"

"Hey, just ask the coach for more.  Who do you think he's talking to through his headset, anyway?  It's Marijuana Mama Woo, always deliver to you!"

"Oh, wow, man!  ... I think we just missed the play!"

I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of Gatorade consumed during this game.  (Damn cotton mouth, anyway!)  Beware tokers, there's only 20 oz. or less size soft drinks sold!  You'll definitely get your exercise going back and forth from your seat to the concession stands!  

Can't you see Monday's headlines ... 

28 Super Bowl ticket holders die of heart attacks 
en route to stadium concession stands!  
One survivor proclaims, "They kept hushing me every time I said Coke!  
I almost died and they killed Kenny!  Those bastards!"

The New York City Police Department is readying itself for the multitude of pot that will be brought into the city this weekend.  Most have been seen visiting head shops and purchasing various smoking devices so that medical marijuana confiscated won't go to waste!  Also, the city's donut shops are preparing themselves for a munchies epidemic by the men in blue, and Dr. Pepper is bringing in extra supplies.  (Since saying, "Dr. Pepper" is still legal!)

So, if you get around to it, enjoy the game!  

I hope your team wins, as long as it's my team!

It's time for another Ten Things of Thankful!

Yeah, the other stuff was just the appetizer.

Lizzi and her 555 com padres that host this have a goal in mind.  I've been told it's to express a degree of thankfulness each and every week to assist in helping people to see that all is not hopeless in our hopeless world in which we attempt to survive.  

I think Lizzi's been sampling some medical marijuana.

Still, I shall attempt to follow suit and present my Ten Things of Thankful.  I say attempt ... which always leaves room for error.  Still, you gotta give a guy credit for trying!

I'm Thankful For ...

...and then,
the zombies began appearing!
1)  ...Georgia politicians.  
The state of Georgia had snow this week.  That, in itself, is a shocker.  What isn't a shocker is the way they handled it.  Why?  Because politicians never do a damn thing to prepare for the rarities.  They're all too busy trying to find ways to steal tax dollars for 1) pet projects, 2) political favor repayments, and 3) future campaign funding.  Why should they have a disaster plan for snow when it almost never snows?  Now, the Blame Game is going on, some underling scapegoats will be accused and lose their jobs, and the head honchos will continue scamming the public.  La-De-Da, La-De-Da ... things never change!
This year, we're having
only one grammy awarded.
It's to the record producers
that made all music sound
the same!

2)  ... The 2014 Grammy Awards.  Not learning a thing about controversy from the earlier Miley Cyrus event last year, the Grammy's immediately started programming with a semi-naked Beyonce filling the screen.  Of course, since the sound mixing at this year's show was among the worst ever experienced, most couldn't decipher what the hell she was trying to sing.  This year's show also had 1) Robin Thicke's vocals blasting too loud to hear anything Chicago was trying to play or sing, 2) Stevie Wonder being drowned out by Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk Robot Wars, 3) Ringo Starr reminding all of us that he really can't sing, 4) Paul McCartney reminding us that his days of writing great songs are over, 5) Country Greats Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson reminding us that Willie's bus is the New Colorado Medical Marijuana Center, and that 6) Taylor Swift is still trying to make others look bad instead of admitting she's an actor/singer groupie.  Another great show, just like always!

3)  ... Connecticut's Federal Judge Alfred Covello.  In declaring Connecticut's new gun law constitutional, his actions suggest that guns are human beings and have a mind of their own.  In addition, he has allowed one to believe that man need not be accountable for his actions as guns can always be blamed.  Judge Covello has now gained his place in the "I'm a Dumb Ass" Hall of Fame for not recognizing that any item can be used to end human life, but it is the person who uses it that is the guilty party and steps to curb this behavior is the only way to effectively prevent the loss of human life. (**See number five for an accurate example.) 
On a side note, stabbings are expected to escalate, which has steakhouses in Connecticut running scared that knives will join guns as forbidden articles.  And, after several deaths were attributed to this last week's snowstorms, snow is also banned from falling from the sky.  God has stated he will appeal!

Oh well, I guess I'll just stay
home and watch the game
and get high!
4)  ... New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio.  In a press conference, it was learned that the mayor will not be attending the Super Bowl because he can't afford the $500 to $2500 tickets.  The mayor only makes $225,000 a year in his position.  With a son in college, he says his budget for disposable income is stretched.  Since New York forbids public officials from taking free tickets, he's going to sit at home and watch the game on TV.  Sounds like a good way to avoid the traffic jams, obnoxious fans, and the deaths of those trying to get something to drink, discussed earlier.  (If you missed that, stop scanning!)

5)  ... Federal Prosecutors.  It has just been announced that Federal Prosecutors will be seeking the Death Penalty against the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  As he and his brother protested American violence in Muslim countries by supposedly placing pressure cooker bombs along the marathon route.  If proven guilty, my suggestion would be to put him in a bomb proofed room with a pressure cooker bomb in each corner.  If he could dodge all the ball bearings and other metallic objects inside of the bombs once exploded, he could go free.  If not ... well, let's just say he wouldn't be attending any more marathons.  (Oh, c'mon ... don't even tell me you don't think giving him what he gave others is wrong.  Why let him enjoy a protected life in prison filled with television and sex when others are either maimed, dead, or mentally scarred forever?)  
C'mon, you remember me ...
don't you?

6)  ... State of the Union Address.  This week’s State of the Union Address by President Obama received the worst viewing ratings of any address given since the year 2000.  This is attributed to half of Atlanta being stuck on the Interstate’s in a snow storm, a general feeling of disgust and frustration involving any politician, and the most dangerous adventures of Swamp People was airing on cable at the same time.  Obama was happy with the ratings.  It was rumored he was overheard saying, “If they didn’t watch, they can’t say I said it!  I‘ve just gained plausible deniability!”

7)  ... Inside Plumbing.  The recent cold snap, in addition to catching a few episodes of “Buying Alaska” have reminded me how wonderful indoor plumbing is to have.  My grandparents had an outhouse for most of my elementary school years.  My mother was in the hospital quite often, which meant my staying at the grandparents meant literally freezing one’s ass off
The masochistic torture chamber.  
Politicians beware, keep acting
like asses and your ass cheeks
are ours!!!!!
first thing on a cold Winter morning.  When you wake up, the last thing on the Good Times list is to walk outside, trudge through the snow, bare your butt, and place your cheeks upon a wood base that’s been exposed to below zero temperatures all night.  It was dangerous, too!  I remember running back to the porch one snowy morning, jumping up (instead of using the steps), and finding my shin meeting the underside cement corner as my landing foot slid off in the snow.  I still have an indentation where my skin tore away to the bone, which was also chipped in the event.  No, let my butt sit down on a warm seat while I light a cigarette and am attacked by two attention seeking cats, instead of the outhouse ass freezing experience any day of the week!    

8)  ... Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook is tossing around a new idea.  Instead of using real names all the times, he thinks it might be time to allow some anonymity and allow users to create fake names.  After all, he’s been using one for years!  (Really, have you ever heard of anyone seriously named Zuckerberg?)  Of course, in using fake names, people wouldn’t have to be as aware of their need to exhibit some semblance of politeness and common sense.  In lieu of this, Facebook may announce a name change for the site if this takes place.  “Welcome to Assbook!”

9)  ... Credit Card Scammers.  The Better Business Bureau has announced that you need to search your credit card bill for small charges (in particular one for $9.84) that may not be valid.  It seems scammers that took Target and other companies for a ride a month ago are now hitting cards for small charges that may go unnoticed.  They figure “hit a million cards for $10 each and get $10 million dollars!”  So, if you see those charges, call your credit card company.  (Guys, clean up your act.  Those monthly porn site charges may now be discovered if your wife starts calling!)
... and next year, we're going to offer
a cooking course by Madonna
called "Emaciated."

10)  ... Rutgers University.  Would you believe that if your child attends Rutgers University, they now have the option of taking a class on Beyonce?  No joke.  The lady that started the stir at the Grammy’s by appearing semi nude now has a class dedicated to her.  It is being offered in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies.  

I’m sorry, I can’t go on in a serious mode.  Here’s a lady that changes her name, uses her body and voice to get a recording contract and sell records, marries a rapper, and now has a class about her.  I’m searching to find any educational value in this whatsoever, and am sorry to say I can’t.  How many of you, your daughters, or grandchildren will follow this course in life?  Probably none!  So, why spend valuable college dollars on a course that has no benefit?  Oh, yeah, I forgot ... college football players are tired of phys ed degrees, so why not study a half naked chick dancing suggestively instead?  Variety is the spice of life!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Thus, another week’s journey into “Thankfulness” is complete.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go wait at an Interstate rest stop and look for Colorado license plates.  Do you think a Sheriff’s star badge from when I was a kid will suffice in allowing me to search their vehicle for drugs?  Hey, it’s worth a shot!



  1. This post is making me thirsty.
    I really cannot even think about anything else except "Beyonce 101" what the hell do you learn, how to wear a weave? I am unable.

    1. Joy - Really appreciate you stopping in again! It means a lot! (Oh, the Dr. Pepper's in the fridge. Feel free to grab one!)

      I know exactly what you're saying about the Beyonce class. It's supposed to talk about the plight of a minority woman in today's society. Of course, you'd have to have one hell of a voice and body to be able to relate to Beyonce, but that doesn't seem to matter to the administration at Rutgers. If my daughter wanted to attend a class such as this, I'm afraid she'd be paying for the rest of her education via the student loan program. What a waste! Oh, and you look great without the weave! Many Thanks!

  2. Living as a neighbor of CT I now have nightmares about guns that walk, talk, eat and wet like some sort of Betsey wettsy terminator machine....idiots!

    Rutgers ...I would have hoped for just a bit more ....I dont think Beyonce is very representative of anything worthy of further study...she seems like an ok person and all but .... cmon....if my kid took that class on my dime he would be saving his own dimes pretty darn soon.

    Facebook. ...dont start me up...

    1. Zoe - So good to see you! Beware, the zombie guns are coming in the future! They'll be followed by the vampire and werewolf guns, and then the the Oprah gun will arrive to write a book about it! lol I honestly can't figure out how people got so stupid. It's simply a matter of blame shifting, instead of acknowledging that our society is so screwed up that it can't even teach its kids right from wrong. And, when things go bad, it's the fault of a piece of metal instead of the person that is accountable. As long as we shift the blame, we, as a society, will never cure the problem! It's really so sad that people are so stupid in this realm. Rutgers ... well, I had more faith in a university than they've displayed here. Next thing you know there will be degrees given for her husband's master ... Rapping! Many Thanks!

    2. Good God anything but Oprah.

  3. Hey Rich! Do you suppose that NYC group has any connection to the Biebs? Sounds right up his alley lately.
    I love football, especially the Superbowl and super especially the fact that Peyton Manning and the Broncos are in. Too bad about Scarlett Johannsen. I think the cheesy commercial was kind of cool but I guess struck fear in the wallets of the two largest cola companies on the planet. Seriously, when are people gonna grow the f up?
    What happened in Georgia this week was a shame and beyond my comprehension. As is the Rutgers/Beyonce joke. It is a joke, right? God help us all.
    Thanks for the credit card info. I'll have to take a look again, I guess.
    I repeat, God help us all.

    1. Hey Sandy! :) The Biebs was as a Super Bowl party tonight. He used his bodyguards to slap away cameras of people that tried to take his picture. I imagine there'll be flak over that soon! I'm hoping the Broncos do it, too. I'm a Colts fan, but still like Manning. Wish he'd have never left. Companies must have it all, especially the big guys. Just like bullies on the block, the little guy has to steer clear of them or pay the piper. Sad! Beyonce classes are a fact. I imagine twerking will now have a class in a couple of semesters. Can't wait to see the graduation ceremonies! lol Many Thanks!

  4. I wonder what kind of job you get with a masters degree in beyonce?

    1. MIke - Good to meet you! Just off the top of my head, I'd say the typical social skills of butt shaking, twerking, and hair coloring leaves it wide open for pole dancer or hair stylist. Of course, with her and her hubby Jay-Z leading the way in charging $5 more for their albums than other artists, I'd say scam artist and investment counseling might be other avenues. She'd have a hard time being a team player as she left her group behind, so major corporations would probably shun her converts. And, of course, convenience stores are always looking for clerks. Appreciate you stopping in! Many Thanks!

  5. All I know is that I would much prefer to watch the Super Bowl from the comfort of my warm home as opposed to spending hours in New York's open stadium! Brrrr!

    1. Phoebe - Very kind of you to stop in! I couldn't agree with you more. I've never been arrested in my own home for saying "Coke" before (Pepsi's a no-no word here), so I'm staying home myself. I really think I'll have a better seat in front of the new 60" TV I just won at work, and I won't be witness to all the folks dying of thirst. Of course, opening the windows may help with the feeling of being there, but I may bypass that one as I'm sure you will! :) Many Thanks!

  6. This was great. I feel like an ostrich -- I learned so much about contemporary news items. That thing about Beyonce made me laugh. I need to come to your blog instead of reading the news. Much more entertaining.

    1. Jamie - Thanks for returning! I try to bring out the ridiculous while the standard broadcast groups sensationalize. Sometimes, if one would look at what they're watching and use a little common sense, they'd see how utterly crazy it really is. Using sarcasm is one way to get a point across, but I really am concerned that Americans are so gullible that they don't see the whole picture, only the part that the news agencies want them to see. There is so much propaganda in the news today that I feel we're doing what we used to condemn the USSR for doing ... slanting the news to serve the purpose of the politicians. I just try to get to the heart of the matter and show it for what it really is. Really appreciate you stopping in! Many Thanks!

  7. Yaknow, that last piece of whatever-it-is was SO remarkable it even made the news over here. Like pretty big news, at that, as in, I heard it on a local radio station.

    What the WHUT?! Seems utterly mad! I just hope no kid or their family goes into awful horrible debt just to learn about Beyonce.

    Sorry to hear about your leg. I can TOTALLY understand why you've added indoor plumbing to your list! A hugely valid Thing.

    As to the rest, buddy, you confuse me SO much with all your 'Merican references, to people I dunno, so at least I get a something of an education when I come over, so thanks for that.

    Also, HOW did you get first spot in the link-up, you sneakster?

    1. Hey Sis! Yeah, I snuck right in before you had a chance. Perfect timing, one might say! lol I know there's a lot of American references, but I do try to explain the topic so that the names don't matter as much as the actual event I'm writing about. If it's happening here, it's got to be happening in other countries, too. I can understand the football problems, as your "football" is soccer here (or, Rugby for the hard of heart). It really seems as though people are becoming more and more stupid as common sense is taking a back seat to political correctness. I just try to demonstrate how ridiculous it all is. And, believe me, there is no fate worse than a freezing toilet seat on a cold Winter's morn. lol Many Thanks!

    2. Rugby's awesome, and very different from our football or yours. The players tend to be gentlemen and just EPICALLY huge. My bro-in-law plays and it's actually an awesome game.

      I do appreciate the explanations - they help a little, forsure.

  8. Definitely agree on indoor plumbing!

    1. Kristi - Thanks so much for stopping in! Yes, indoor plumbing is a Godsend, to say the least. What I failed to mention were the surprises one would find inside at times. All types of animals like opossums, skunks, and even snakes could be awaiting when one opened the door. Made of an exciting experience when you really had other things on your mind that needed accomplishing ... fast! lol Many Thanks!

  9. We still have an outhouse on our property, and I am thankful every single day that I don't have to use it. I can't even imagine it during these weeks of polar vortexes. I did enjoy your "Buying Alaska" Why isn't there ever any indoor plumbing???
    I heard the mayor of Atlanta (I think it was the mayor.) try to blame the weathermen for the horrible handling of the snow. That's the best of the worst lines ever heard from a politician trying to get out of trouble.

    1. Christine - Good to see you, my friend! I actually remember the torture involved with grabbing a snow shovel and having to make a path to the outhouse. Not what one wants to do when the body has other things in mind. I've only caught "Buying Alaska" once or twice. (I usually leave something like that on while I'm writing for a noise distraction.) My guess is that they're too remote for sewer lines, and there probably aren't a lot of septic tank cleaners around. Just a guess though.

      Blame shifting has become a habit in society these days. The taking of personal accountability leaves one open to the gaggle of lawsuits that await otherwise. I can't imagine any politician being any different ... since they were usually once practicing attorneys, also. Next, we'll have the weathermen blaming God for sending the snow their direction. "Report at eleven!" lol Many Thanks!

  10. HA! I am not sure what is funnier. Trying to decide if Lizzi or you are sampling the medicine or that I now have an excuse to what happened when Coach Carroll was in charge here of our Pats.

    1. Kerri - How are you, my dear friend? I loved your Friday post, btw. Your "something funny happened" was heartwarming and something every mother should read.

      I can't sample the medicine anymore. (Damn it!) After my heart attack, they put me on blood thinner. THC constricts the blood vessels making the blood rush faster (that's what provides the high). If one has thin blood, it speeds through so fast you feel as if you're dying (and probably could). So, pot and I have had to bid each other adieu. (Is seriously so sad, lol). Coach Carroll? Well, I can't say for sure, but ....... :) Many Thanks!

  11. Sign. Always ready to club the heads of those credit card scammers. And enjoy the superbowl, Rich!

    1. Michelle - Good to see you! Terrye and I were just talking about you last night. We were concerned since we hadn't seen you around much and were hoping you were okay. Credit card scammers are complete asses. They rob from those who usually need it most. I'd like to chop off their fingers to keep them from ever being able to type on a keyboard ever again. Many Thanks!

  12. Just thought I'd pop over and say hi. :) I'm in a cave of school and academics, but someday soon I should emerge.
    As for your entire ten things: I kept hearing a voice from SNL reading like a script. Haha. You could do a video of yourself reading all this with a straight face and actually do really well. :D
    I agree on all counts: people keep saying this society is in decline. And while I agree, I keep wondering what we're going to decline to. Rednecks with outhouses and arms? LOL. Have a good weekend. :)

    1. AND I was in a conversation with husby last night: our nation attacks EVERYONE now: teachers, the poor, people who look Muslim, immigrants (legal or not - they're all lumped together), women, the middle class...
      And when you're critical of it, people tell you to get out. What about actually wanting to improve things so that it's nicer to live here? Sheesh.

    2. Cyndi - It's so damn good to see you again! Really great as I've missed you much. (Sounds like an old Janet Jackson song, doesn't it?) Let's talk awhile!

      The SNL relationship comes from my having done the news on radio over the years during some of my broadcast gigs. One station actually had to add an editorial notification prior to the news as they knew they could get sued with the additional comments being made. lol Still, it always gathered in great ratings points.

      Now, the big topic ... society in decline. I'm not sure what others mean when they discuss the topic. To me, it simply means a decline of common sense and freedoms once enjoyed and tolerated. Let us take a quick tour of what I'm talking about.

      1) Personal Accountability: No longer does anyone have any personal accountability. We live in a land of lawyers just awaiting a chance to sue someone and get their percentage of the profits. As this field is way overstocked, they tend to take up any cause, regardless of how ridiculous it is, and run fast and hard with it. (Example: gun ownership) People say if the guns weren't there then they couldn't be used. Has this ever stopped anyone from killing anyone before? For centuries, man has hunted for more and more weapons with which to achieve the purpose of killing more efficiently. It has only been the combination of proper upbringing, common sense, and willingness to obey the law that has stopped man from doing so. Now, children are neglected the teachings of "right and wrong" as parents validate various excuses for not doing so, common sense is no longer "in the house" as there is no concern about the anyone else but the "me" in the situation, and there is absolutely no respect for the law (which has been tainted by lawyers getting off clients on minor technicalities allowing the guilty to win much of the time.

      (Too many characters. Must continue in another reply)

    3. I'm not casting blame on video games, music choices, or any area of entertainment. Instead, I cast much blame upon three things: 1) Children (that do not have learned values) having children (thus not being able to pass teachings on), 2) Psychologists that have used unproven theories to provide parents the wrong choices in disciplining and properly instructing their children's mental growth, and 3) the shift in society from the "We" to the "Me", an area that started with a proper cause of freedom for all and shifted to a "don't offend anyone" down slide. (When no one is offended, individual freedoms have been lost as not everyone likes everything and omissions begin occurring.)

      So, that's where we're at. Kids haven't been taught properly which means they can't teach their children properly so laws have been installed to replace common sense and proper courtesy which means anyone offended can win a case in court which means society is losing versatility, individual thought acceptance and personal freedoms.

      Declining? Yep, we're declining to a society of herded cattle, afraid to say or do anything that will offend anyone and giving full control to corrupt leaders whose only purpose is to advance their own agendas. Get out the accepted scripting for conversing, put your uniform on, and enter into the world of being totally controlled in every activity in which you participate!

      What I do is to try to show how ridiculous people are by providing some humor, demonstrating what common sense would dictate, and giving real life situations and examples of what is really happening ... things that the news agencies are afraid to challenge. If I can help just one person wake up enough to start questioning the news they hear, seeing how various acts of the politicians are nothing by ploys and distractions to take attention away from what they're really attempting to achieve, and get the "Big Picture" out so that events fitting the scenario are better understood, perhaps that will do someone good. It has to start with one person, and then move onto a second, and so on and so on.

      And, if I can make a person laugh along the way, I'm taking some of the stress out of their lives, if only for a short time. Perhaps by doing that, they won't steal a knife from a steakhouse and kill someone for saying "Coke" or "Pepsi". lol

      Good to see you, my friend! Don't be a stranger! Many Thanks!

  13. Enjoyed your distinctive take on '10 things of thankful'. I'm also old enough to remember the outside toilet - you try telling the youngsters of today and they don't believe you!

    1. Gary - So good to see you! Hey, I wasn't insulting you or your blog's humor the other day in the comment made on FB. Your description of the "upstanding" simply got to me, as few of us fit that mold! lol I do try to do things a little different than most on the hop. Good to know someone appreciates it. Outhouses ... well, luckily some of the outdoor facilities and concerts and such still use Port-O-Sans. The kids always used to freak out using them, so my outhouse stories scared the bejesus out of them! lol Good of you to come by! Many Thanks!

  14. ASSBOOK....hahaha! love it.

    I heard about the Johannson thing. They were like, oh no, you're not talking smack about our biggest sponsors!

    I didn't watch the superbowl nor did I cared who won (didn't even know till sunday who was playing in it) but I love that so much emphasis is being put on the fact that weed is legal in both states! I know it's a long shot, but sure would be nice if Texas would follow suit. I mean, not for Me OF COURSE....ahem. Jes sayin'.

    And OH YES to indoor plumbing!!!!

    1. Beth - Good to see you visiting here! Yeah, with no fears of personal retaliation, I imagine Facebook will be turning into another Huffington Post comments section before we know it. I can hardly wait (he says facetiously). Shhhhh ... you're not supposed to talk about "Pepsi" or "Coke". The NSA may be listening!!! You didn't miss much by not watching the Super Bowl. Even the commercials were boring. I'm having a hard time envisioning any of the Southern states (including mine of Kentucky) passing any laws in favor of pot. It would be nice, but that stuff's for liberals in the minds of Southern politicians (most of whom have stock in alcohol companies)! Praise be the ability to flush!!! lol Many Thanks!