Friday, August 23, 2013

FTSF: God's Armed Schools & Maybe, the Final Post
It is reported that Arkansas Christian Academy has 
armed its staff in an attempt to protect 
the children that 
attend school there.  

Bang! Bang! 
Try to shoot our kids
and we'll shoot you first!

This ought to bring the extremes from both sides of the "gun issue" out in droves.

So, is this a "good thing
is it a "bad thing?"

Does it matter?

Obviously, the administration of A.C.A. has already armed individuals to protect the Sunday services they provide.  (Wow, those must be some "kick-ass" sermons!)  Thus, one could assess that those that attend the religious services believe that there is not enough safety by prayer alone.  (Powerful enough to create the Earth, but not powerful enough to stop an idiot from shooting them.  Where's God's priorities, anyway?)

Not that one wants to be shot while praying, that is, but then again, if you really believe, wouldn't that be where and when you would want to go?  (Better than to be shot while reading a Playboy in the john!)

Or, would you rather your prayers gave you the sense to hire gunmen to kill those who might not believe the same as you?  (What?  There are those that aren't Christian?  You're kidding!  Not in today's world!)

The government in Arkansas ruled against public schools being allowed to have armed staffs, but allowed private schools to do as they wish.  (Guess that shows where the politicians kids attend, doesn't it?)  In other words, if you're not wealthy enough to have kids in private schools, you're kids aren't important enough to be protected.  Kind of makes you understand the philosophy of those we elect a little better.  (That should make you feel good the next time you go to the polls!)

Let's see ... you have to be protected by armed guards and staff in church and at school, so you must be one that could be targeted by the criminal element.  That could mean your attendees are wealthy, community business rip-off artists leaders, and extremely newsworthy that would either draw those interested in robbing or gaining infamous attention,  Either that, or you're so paranoid about the community in which you reside that you're going to extremes to protect your "flock" and their cash cow kids.

Instead of arming themselves, isn't it the responsibility of the church to reach out to the community and provide such a light of hope and goodness that no one would be tempted to do harm?  

Or, could I be living in a dream world where the church works to teach and provide, instead of to look at a P&L statement and send out tithing past due notices?

Somewhere, things really got screwed up.  
Welcome to 2013!

Anyway, this is Finish the Sentence Friday!  As always, this is where I provide the JPEG that show who our tremendous hostesses are and what the rules of the blog hop is.
This week's prompt is:
"I really wasn't myself when I ..."

So, now, I have to come up with something witty, charming, and intelligent to say, when I'm really not in the mood to do so.

"What, not in the mood?"

For the last week or so, I've been in one of those funks that just seem to take the humor right out of life.  In fact, I've almost decided that perhaps I may take an extended hiatus from the blogosphere.  Why?  Here are my reasons:
  1. Not enough time to read blogs.  We all know that you have to return the favor or reading others blogs.  It's really just good manners.  However, I'm working so many hours at my current job, I'm brain dead when I finally get home.  I get home, sit down, eat dinner, and fall asleep at the computer trying to either read blogs or write them.  It makes one wonder if it's all worth it.  
  2. I'm not entirely happy with what I've been writing.  It seems like the ones I feel are exceptionally funny get no respect, and the ones I toss together get all the views.  I almost wonder if people are really reading, or just skimming through.  As most that consider themselves "serious" about their writing, I'd rather not write than to have it skimmed.  
  3. Monday's blog (even though it was one about being tagged) got the lowest number of views I've had since I first started writing on Hubpages.  Normally, I receive a first day view count between 200-400, depending on the topics and the day of release, and many more after the release date.  Monday's received 22 views, and none since.  I know people are pissed because I haven't had the chance to get to their blogs, but if this is it, then let me just say, "Fuck it, I'm done!"
  4. I'm tired of looking at a mailbox full of unopened reminders about my inability to perform my responsibilities.  I have over 200 unopened emails staring at me from websites of friends and acquaintances that I haven't had the time to look at.  Not only is this frustrating to those looking for and deserving views, but to me for not being able to do as I pretty much promised to do.  This doesn't help for a positive mental attitude, by any means.
So, there it is.  I guess you might say "I really wasn't myself when I wrote this."  

Or, was I?  

Maybe it is time I say, "Goodbye" to the blogging world.  The "Never Give Up" inside of me tells me not to, but the shear facts given above tell me that is the answer.  

Perhaps, this Finish the Sentence Friday is my last post ...

.... or, will the sentence be finished sometime in the future.

Only time will tell.


  1. Love this...great read. You are awesome my friend.

    1. MJM - Good to see you here, my friend. Thanks for the comment. More relevant than you know. Many Thanks!

  2. Great Post! Just what I was looking for... keep up the good work! I really like your research on the subject!

    (ha ha... I've always loved that 'Comment Joke' you know, the spam Comment....where they try to sound like they read....never mind.)
    (My other favorite joke is when I'm on the phone and the signal begins to break up and I will say, 'You're starting to break up! Nod your head if you can hear me!')
    ba rum bump!

    (Much of what I find funny is meant for the inside of my head and doesn't not seem to play nearly as well on the outside (of) my head.)

    Someone will say it, so it might as well be me... dude! if I could get a consistent 22 visits, I'd like, type the Post with my tongue, like and ... wait a minute... maybe I need to re-work that imagery.

    I do know what you mean about the 'good ones' sit there, relatively ignored and the 'throw-away' Posts get the 'wow! how do you come up with that stuff!! this is gold!'

    Question: if you write a blog and no one reads it, is it a blog or is it a thought that you let the computer hold for safe keeping?

    It has probably occurred to you... 'screw these people, I'll write a new blog and see if they really like my stuff or are they here only because of the photos'... I would caution against trying that in one word: Chris Gaines.*

    Damn dude, why didn't you say before that you get three or four Hundred reads... I would have jammed all of my comments totally full of Wakefield Doctrine plugs!**

    Well, keep up the ... you're right you know. We have to get something positive from this effort, otherwise you could save the electricity and cable costs and just go down to your basement work shop and hit yourself with a hammer for an hour or two each day.

    (But, since I enjoy reading this might as well keep writing it.)

    *that is one of my other favorite jokes.
    ** one of my favorite comedians...that no one has heard of, back in the day, Robert Klein used to do a bit about Coca Cola getting to Neil Armstrong before the first landing... funny bit

    1. Clark - Thanks for stopping in. It bounces around inside of my head, too, my friend. I completely understand where you're coming from. I had actually not thought of doing another blog. This one has been fairly successful (especially in the Asian and European markets for some reason), and if my time was not so sparse, I'd probably continue as normal. It is good to know you enjoy my writings (or, "ramblings" as I call them). I enjoy yours, also, whether you know it or not. Just so little time available anymore. I do remember Robert Klein and his humor. In fact, I have a cd of his stuff. We'll see what happens with the blog. I may just take a needed break. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and loyalty!)

  3. I seriously hope this isn't your last blog article, but I do understand how your time is limited with work. I thank you though for always linking up with us when you can and just know that I am so happy and grateful that we have gotten to know each other through Hubpages and blogging. Seriously what would I do without you and your humor!! :)

    1. Janine - Really appreciate you weighing in. I honestly don't know what's going to happen. Today's counts were back to normal, but my time is still so lacking to really devote a lot to the production it deserves. It has been a long relationship, hasn't it. You've been much more loyal than I've been able to be, especially as of late. That's one of those reasons my guilt is there. I know you're busy, but still you find the time when I can't. You don't know how appreciative I really am. Many Thanks!

  4. Oh no, I hope this isn't your last post...I know I am worried about finding time when I start teaching again in two weeks.

    1. Karen - Yours is one of the blogs I want so badly to get to time and time again and just am not able to find the time. You've given so much and deserve to get back. I hate that I am not able to as I once was. I really don't know what I'm going to do, but your words help to let me know some do enjoy what I do. Greatly appreciated, my new friend!

  5. I go away for a week and you go into a funk? Geez, talk about pressure. But I totally get this. I see my inbox and think for Pete's Sake there is no way I can keep up. But I try to remember my manners.

    But you need to do what is best for you, I guess.

    Just don't go to Church with a gun, I would fear for you.

    1. Kerri - You don't have any idea how good it is to see you here, my friend. Hope you had a great week away from all of this madness. lol I'm not sure where I'm going from this point. I think a hiatus is necessary, but for how long I really don't know. Comedy has to stay fresh and I feel like I'm just rehashing old thoughts. So, we'll see what happens. Funny you should add your last line. I just got my concealed weapon license this week! lol Good thing I work Sundays and can't get to church, isn't it? :) Many Thanks!

  6. I've been feeling the same way lately. I'm a food blogger and haven't been able to drag myself into the kitchen to cook/bake anything (at least not anything new and/or blog-worthy) for the past two weeks. Feels like my heart's not in it right now for some reason. So, take a break. I know people always worry about losing readers if they disappear for a while, but why would someone bother to un-follow a blog they like. If it shows up again, that's great. If not, nothing will show up in your feed anyhow, so why remove it? I always thought that was a strange concept. We hope to be reading you, no matter how (in)frequent.

    1. Chris - Sincerely appreciate you stopping by again and commenting! Yours is another blog I've wanted to stop by and just haven't been able to as of late. You've hit the nail on the head about being "stale" in thought. You seem much like I in that you're concerned about the quality of what you write instead of just the quantity. I'll probably just take a break for a while. It's good to know you enjoy my little offerings. Many Thanks!

  7. While I'm not happy to hear about your existential blog crisis, I am happy to know that I'm not the only one who experiences this crap. The low morale after bad stats, the why do I even bother? mentality, the difficulty reading other blogs and fitting it all in... don't quit. But give yourself a break, friend.

    1. Stephanie - So good of you to visit, my friend. I think it happens to everyone that writes somewhat creatively. Blogging, unlike other forms of writing, requires new material constantly. It's easy to grow stale and frustrated when it doesn't come on demand. The stats, especially after being so high, also hit hard. I keep telling myself, "School started Monday and most have kids and other tasks they previously didn't have." And today, they were back up to normal counts. I think a break is mandated. I just don't know how long. We'll have to see. Many Thanks!

  8. Wait. so EVERY time you post, you get 200-400 views? If I'd been thinking about quitting blogging because I'm back to teaching, in grad school and I need to start tutoring students, then I really need to quit because half the time when I post something, I'm *lucky* if I get 25 views TOTAL. It crept up to 60 - maybe - when I was going every day. Sobering, huh?
    I've never worked so hard for so little money. Friendships? Yes. Meet cool people? Yes. But well, even if I give up my website, I still have those friends. I was completely directionless on my blog anyways. Besides, I've been challenged to complete my memoir. I should try to concentrate on that. you've done and gone and given me some food for thought.
    As for the armed schools? The political system in this country is a freakin' joke. It's nothing but greed and people selling their souls. They're each being bought one by one so extremist political views rule the day. I will so ex-patriate to Spain if I hear that any extremists have won the presidency.
    Spain, because I speak Spanish and because their countryside is gorgeous. lol

    1. Cyndi - So good to see you again as I know you're exceptionally busy. I hope the statement didn't seem like bragging ... it definitely wasn't. The counts have been going up and up over the last few months. It seems I've acquired a heavy Asian and European audience, and my new followers on Google and Twitter confirm this. I guess they love to see me knocking what we're becoming as a society in the Western World. Actually, they're back up to normal levels today. Kind of weird. When we only have so much time, we must prioritize. Balancing acts in life are constant, but there are times we simply have to cast some off in order to give the others their needed attention. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I am going to take a break, think about it, and let time decide. I've had similar thoughts about Italy. I don't think my South Alabamian wife could handle the change, though. Many Thanks!

  9. Richard Rumple! While my first instinct is to tell you to PLEASE not stop blogging, because I adore you and your blog and your humor and Gabriela will be PISSED if she never has another post here, I also totally understand where you're coming from. This summer has sucked for blog views, and I can completely relate to wanting to say f#ck it, throw in the towel and just stop blogging. Keeping up with other blogs is so hard. It's one of my favorite things to do but I know what you mean about coming home after work and falling asleep at the computer. It's hard.
    I will say that 200-400 each day is pretty awesome. I hope the Never Give Up Guy inside wins this particular battle. But do give yourself a break, my friend.
    I don't even know where to start with the whole gun thing. It's beyond f#cked up. So are policy makers and politicians. Sigh.

    1. Kristi, Kristi, my sister from another mother! I am one that doesn't give advice without following what I preach. We must all prioritize and cut back in areas when the need arises, regardless of what we want. I'm growing somewhat stale in material and mind. Cynicism must be kept in check in comedy. A little is good, but it must be balanced out. With the pressures I'm getting in other areas, I've had to really watch it. Also, if I can't give back to others what they give to me, I don't feel right about it. I don't use people, and that's what it feels like at times when I can't find the time to go to their blogs. The counts are only on my post release days, and average 60-100 on non release days. They've grown over the last few months surprisingly strong in the Asian and European markets, as have my followers on Google and Twitter in those areas. Kind of strange, but I'll take them from wherever they come, for sure. I'm just trying to understand my appeal in those areas. I am going to take a break. For how long remains the mystery. Hang in there! Many Thanks!

  10. "isn't it the responsibility of the church to reach out to the community and provide such a light of hope and goodness that no one would be tempted to do harm?" This. Or am I something of a whackadoo idealist?

    200 views is a number I don't think I've ever achieved in a first WEEK, never mind a first day. You're doing pretty well there. 22 views would be a little sucky, but still respectable chez moi.

    I hope it's not your last ever post, but your work is WAY harsh, and I can totally understand if you have to prioritise. I mean, I'll be sad and probably take a lesson from the Gabriela school of retribution and mail you some of my poop or something.

    Also, if your views went down significantly since you accepted The Golden Sideboob, I take no responsibility whatsoever.

    1. Lizzi - My best new friend! Yes, I am an idealist at times. But, yet, I'm only taking their words and reminding them that they need to live up to what they spout. Perhaps, it's my way of holding them accountable. :) Maybe you can shed some light on why my humor has such a strong audience in the European, and even Asian markets. It has grown tremendously in those markets over the last few months. Could it be my knocking of Western Society, or simply styled as those markets enjoy? It is a true mystery to me. Please, no mailed defecation. I can see some postal worker going over the edge and killing his co-workers because of seepage! :) I am going to take a break. From there, we'll just have to see. Even I am not sure what will happen. Many Thanks!

  11. I hope you're not going to stop blogging. But I know how time consuming it is. Right now I'm typing this and my 7yo is shouting at me for a rocket pop. It's 10:30, little dude...hang on! Anyway, If you get a chance, I'd love it if you came on over and joined in on my I Don't Like Mondays hop. It's up now but it's open all week - whenever you get a minute. And you can post stuff from your archives so it's easy peasy. Would love to have you join the terrific group that's over there! Cheers!

    1. Linda - Sorry so late in responding. I completely took a week away. I appreciate the invite, as well as your great understanding. I'll try to join up next week if I can. Thanks Again!

    2. Linda - Sorry so late in responding. I completely took a week away. I appreciate the invite, as well as your great understanding. I'll try to join up next week if I can. Thanks Again!

  12. As a retired educator, I can't imagine adding the stress of having a weapon in a classroom. I might have used it.