Thursday, September 12, 2013

Days of Whine and Posers ... Today's Life with Government in the United States!

Today, I find I must speak out.  
The Old Grand Flag,
She Ain't What She Used To Be.

No, I'm not a God or anything, just one that observes what others choose to ignore.

And, "Yes", I know I'm known for humor and sarcasm in this blog.  Still, if you'll bear with me, you'll find there might be a little something to get you thinking.

I know, there's one or two saying, "What?  Think?  Why, if I wanted to think, I'd watch Jeopardy!"

Anyway, I recently viewed a video of President Obama being ignored by politicians in Russia.  Each time the President offered his hand for a handshake, the politicians looked another direction and completely ignored him.  (Some say one video disputes this, but it cuts off way before the snubs began.  It is being pushed by the Democratic Party and Obama supporters.  The second video clearly shows the snubs and cannot be debated.)
No, this wasn't a call for the NAACP to get involved, so keep Jesse Jackson 
and Al Sharpton quiet for a change.

Instead, this was a signal of two things: 1) Obama's attempts to validate a Syrian bombing policy wasn't a popular idea the world over, and 2) respect for the President of the United States, and the country he represents, has finally hit an all-time low the world over.
And you thought you were the only one that felt things 
were on the downward trend in the states!

Politician's, the world over, are weasels, scam artists, users, abusers, and criminals.  They legalize what will profit them and over tax things that the common man (or woman) needs or uses on a constant basis.  As there is no honor among thieves, there is no honor among the backstabbing that politicians habitually exhibit.  In fact, at least the thieves are honest enough to admit they are thieves, while the politicians try to represent themselves as caring, loving, honest representatives of the common person, all the time only representing the interests of big business. Yet, even knowing this, the general populace allows these self-serving criminals to call themselves "Our Leaders."

Doesn't speak much for our intelligence or self respect, does it?
May 4th, 1970, Four Dead At Kent State
University protesting the war and
government actions.  This was one of
the big events that changed many
attitudes towards the leaders and
government of the day.

In the 60's, young Americans stood tall against the political machine of the day.  They called out their actions aimed at profiting big business from the Vietnam acts of aggression in which thousands of our brave friends fought and died for concepts and ideals that the politicians only used to get rich from.  Where is the youth of today when the need is just as great?

That's right, they're more concerned about video games, internet social networks, and gossip about MTV performances and such.    
Glad they have their priorities right!

They, and most others, have taken for granted that there is no battle to be fought.  Of course, laws that now prohibit protesting within miles of conventions, meetings, and certain government and corporate addresses now make things a little more difficult.  This is only one of the ways the government has decided that they can ignore the people by not seeing the people.

Funny how they can ignore them for three years, and then expect all of them to come out to vote and see them campaign during the fourth, isn't it?

Politicians have legalized graft by now calling it "special interest contributions." 
(We could call it bribery, but then we'd be guilty of slandering a public official.)   

They are in the process of eliminating labor unions by making them illegal state by state. 
(Big business loves this so they can continue to screw over the common man without any retaliation whatsoever!)   

They're taking away the right to protest by limiting where protests can be held and if a permit will be issued. 
(The KGB did this in the old USSR and American politicians screamed against communistic practices.  So, now it's okay?)  

Privacy has been breached by the NSA in so many ways they can't be counted. 
(Okay, so do we need another KGB example?)  

Even the right to a speedy trial has been forfeited in the name of "terrorism." 
(World War II prisoners were imprisoned for up to four years and we thought it an atrocity.  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prison facilities have been in existence since 2002.  Will they forever be imprisoned?  There comes a time to realize there's ten times that many free that hate America even more because of our treatment to their countrymen.  Are we breeding future terrorists by our actions?") 

What excuses will they use next to take away more of your rights?

In answering that question, let's remember some of the individual rights and items that have been under attack by politicians in the last decade:
  1. Smoking
  2. Gun Ownership
  3. 20 oz. and greater soft drinks
  4. Right to protest
  5. Right of individual privacy
  6. Labor Unions
  7. Exotic Pet ownership
  8. Pit Bull ownership
  9. Internet downloading
            ... and many others

Notice how all of these items listed will protect either 
big business or the government?  

Eliminate the smoking and insurance companies benefit from high premiums and less payouts.  Eliminate the guns and the government has no fear to create a military state. Eliminate the large sized soft drinks and, again, health insurance companies prosper, as well as the government from the additional sales tax collected on multiple smaller sizes. Eliminate the right to protest and accept it ... or else.  Eliminate the privacy and the NSA can go crazy with witch hunts.  Eliminate the labor unions and big business can keep wages low without fear.  Eliminate the Exotic Pets and eliminate the chance of governments being sued for liabilities in accidents.  Same with Pit Bulls.  Eliminate the Internet downloading and let big business reap the profits in a pay per view world.

Where does the little guy fit in?  Where is the little guy represented?  

It's time to stand up to government.  

Can you imagine an election where no one votes?  Oh, there would be some loyalists that would make money off of the candidates and would vote, but what if there was a 98% drop in the overall voting count.  Would that send a message to the government that things were being seen, not ignored?
Maybe it's time for the eagle to crap
on the heads of the  self-serving politicians that
have forgotten what they were
elected to do!

What if we stopped buying products that weren't absolutely essential?  
Wouldn't that send a message to them and big business?

And, what if we stayed at home and used, say, one less tank of gas per week, each?  Take the population of the U.S., multiply it by 10 (for ten gallons), and watch the oil companies go, "What the hell?  We gotta get our 33 million dollar a quarter profit margin or we're all gonna lose our jobs!"

What if we all wore T-Shirts, applied bumper or window stickers, and put a flag outside of our home that read, 
"As a citizen, I PROTEST!"  

Think a message might get through?

What if we all said, "The Hell With Being Politically Correct?"  Control of the populace is gained by making them ignorant of the ability to think individually, providing them with a unified thought pattern (brainwashing), and negatively propagandizing any one or thing that doesn't believe the same as what is put out to be "proper thinking."  Our society of today is vast proof that this is now being utilized, as individual thought is chastised by the masses time and time again.

The individual thinker is what moves mountains, while the masses are herded to the meadows below to fatten up and then be slaughtered.  We must fight this concept of Political Correctness at every turn.  Otherwise, we might as well just fatten up.

I'm 59 years old, and nearing the lower gully on the other side of Life's Mountain.  I served my country in the military, and have watched it become less and less of what it was meant to be.  Still, I care about the country in which I reside and the people ... all people ... that have to struggle to make ends meet here.  I'm tired of the deception and betrayal of government as it has continuously grown larger and less amiable to the wants, needs and desires of the common man it fails so miserably to represent.  

Yes, it's time for a change.  But change will only take place if everyone will participate.  It can start with one voice being echoed by two, and then four, and then eight and so on and so on.
Are you ready to start the echo?

Or would you rather just sit back and ignore it until it too late?


  1. BRAVO!

    It's such an overwhelming thing - to try to know where to start - to just look at the magnitude of the problem and to know that it can't all be fixed - to know that without tireless dedication and an effort to rout the rot and instil some integrity, it might all fail - to know that it might fail anyway, because the machine we're up against is so huge - it swamps the spirit.

    But things do seem to be changing; differences are afoot, and one of the things which is so, SO important is that for possibly the first time in history, the multitudinous voices of the 'common man' can be heard; shared; 'like'd; and just perhaps, can garner some interest and begin that echo.

    Let us hope so...

    1. Lizzi - Good to see you here! I couldn't agree more. The task is a gigantic one and there is no guarantee of success. What there is a guarantee of is seeing how far this has really gone. Hitler and other tyrants of the past did their best to quiet the writers of the day that spoke out against their policies. What would occur today if we spoke out in volume against the policies and people who rule? Would we become "vanished without a trace" individuals? Would we be classified as "terrorists" and imprisoned for believing in true concepts instead of the false facades we're presented with daily? It would definitely provide us with a measuring stick as to how far we've really sunk. And, I hope you're right about changes occurring. Let's hope in being heard, they're not being laughed at. Many Thanks!

  2. Yes, yes, yes (Sorry that is all I can do to simulate an echo). My husband (die hard conservative, sorry!) has been screaming for a revolution since before 9/11. Since then? I am surprised there isn't a doomsday bunker in my back yard yet. We have been slowly giving away our liberties, allowing our government to turn into what we have fought against for so many decades. Heck, centuries. I have never understood why we support with finances and security countries that hate us.

    I find it funny, here, immigration. I have a friend who lived in Mexico for many years. Once they found out she wasn't a tourist they refused to speak English to her. She is unable to buy property (you have to be a Mexican citizen) and she is afforded none of the rights of that country.

    Here? Hmmm...something strange going on.

    Don't get me started on telling us what we can eat and drink. I just had a fight with the girls school system about that.

    The not voting though. That is one thing that trips me up. See I get so freaking aggravated by those who don't vote yet complain. Instead I wish we could go to a popular vote. Rather than a state being red or blue we would get a true sense of where the country wants to go.

    AWESOME Post, Rich. I say you started the echo and I will help it grow to a roar

    1. did you blog about the food fight? i want to hear all about it!

    2. Kerri - Thanks for stopping in today. Sorry, no humor. I'm not a conservative or liberal, nor a Democrat or Republican. (I did register as a Republican, but that was to be able to vote against a local mayoral candidate in the primaries, lol) Look at it this way, we haven't had a choice in years as all politicians have the same agenda. The popular vote would only put one of "theirs" in office again, since they control the choices we're given. By not voting, we're showing them we reject the choices provided, and the system from which they're selected. It states we're tired of the same old crap being put in front of us and having to select what we feel is the lessor of two evils. A 98% drop in voters would show the world that the common man has no belief in the leaders, nor the way we've been treated. It would also demonstrate that we've had enough, and that change is mandated for the people, by the people and of the people. Too many politicians have switched around JFK's words. It's not "what the country can do for you and your wealth status", it's "what you can really do for your country, inclusive of all citizens", not just the upper crust. I have nothing against people making a lot of money. I just have a hard time when they forget where it came from and what they were elected for. Just my two cents. :) Many Thanks, my friend!

    3. You are more than welcome. Although I want acknowledgment that I did not scan (your pet peeve). I am an Independent (voting Dem and Reb) by the way and to the horror of my husband.

      I agree with your premise, not voting might send some signal. But I worry that those special interest groups might win

    4. Kerri - You are one that I never feel scans. Sorry if that came across any way, it wasn't intentional in the least. I was simply addressing your comment about not voting to show you why it might be important, just once. The special interest groups win anyway, as they provide contributions to both parties. By playing both sides of the coin, it doesn't matter what side comes up. If no one would vote, then we tell them, "It's time to change the coin as we know your game and don't accept it any longer!" Plus, who knows, with only their diehards and special interest groups voting, it might be a tie! lol Many Thanks!

  3. i really like what you've said. now design that t-shirt and share the link! i'm not a bumpter sticker kind of gal.

    1. Misty - Really good to see you here! Sorry it wasn't the comedy type of post I'm known for. Not being a designer, I'll have to leave the T-Shirt up to someone else. Shouldn't be too hard ... Up for the challenge? :) Glad you liked this one. Many Thanks!

    2. Let's make Kristi the designer!

    3. Kerri - You ask her. She'd kill me if I even proposed it to her! :)

    4. have you seen the bald eagles people often hang on the front of their house? ususally toward the roof, where the front of the house comes together in a peak. i'm sure there's a word for those, but i have no idea. i'm envisioning that eagle in front of a flag. very similar to your clipart of the eagle and flag above. but, i'd make the blue stripe run the entire length of the flag, just like the red/white stripes. and arrange the stars in the blue so that all 50 are visible around the eagle. that probably makes no sense! can you tell i'm no designer? probably need to leave it up to Kristi!

      oh, and you have to have a slogan!

    5. kerri, i kind of like the idea of not voting. i have to say in the last election, i didn't want to vote for obama or romney. i kept thinking, could they find anyone less intelligent to run for president? so, i'd be on board with not voting in the next election. and i'm sure my us history teacher is having an unexplained nervouse twitch right about now!

    6. Rich! Why would I kill you for asking me to design the t-shirt (or bumper sticker)? ? ? I'd BE so happy to. Agree with Misty that you need the slogan.
      Also, I actually do believe in voting BUT I probably do it for the wrong reasons - I vote to keep the one I hate more out of office. Sigh. Really good post, friend. It's sad that our rights are taken away and that lobbyists have more control over what happens in this country than anybody else does. It's a freaking mess. When there are good things on the table, they never get passed because of congress or lobbyists or SOMETHING.
      Romney is f#cking scary by the way.

    7. Misty - Aren't some of the eagles used as lightning rods? Just a thought. Oh, and I didn't vote Republican or Democrat last time either. Instead, I voted for the Green Candidate. At least she believed in the cause. Kristi - I know you're so busy, the last thing you need on your plate is another project! I was only looking out for your sanity, sis! I believe all politicians are scary ... and liars and thieves. Voting for any of the major party candidates still satisfies the needs of big business and the silver spoon crowd. The times they aren't a changin' fast enough right now. I'm afraid if we let it go much longer, our kids will not be too happy with what we've left them. Many Thanks!

    8. Hmmm.... Have never heard anything about the eagles being lightning rods. But am intrigued so will have to ask around!

  4. great thoughts, Richard.

    I would join hands and start this revolution cause we all are just heading towards disaster. Alas!

    1. Ruchira - So good of you to come and comment! It's really good to see you again. I take your hand in mine. I could only speak for the United States, but have a feeling it's a problem the world over. It's time for the masses to take back ownership of the planet to avert the direction you describe. Still, I would rather call it a protest instead of revolution. We have no need for waterboarding and torture as others do. Many Thanks!